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What People are
Saying About Us

These things are great. I’ve tried many different brands but I was very impressed with this one. The gummies taste amazing and they are like a treat I look forward to taking! I also really really like how they arnt chewy gummies that get stuck in your teeth. The past brand I bought from were like this. These dissolve very well, and don’t leave any in your teeth. Very good health benefits on top of that!


🤩life saver

In the past, I always forget to take my supplements.. as a result, due to the lack of vitamins, work stress..and etc I've been suffering from hair thinning. So thankful I found these!!! These gummies actually TASTE GREAT and I am excited to take them every morning. I’ve even noticed a huge difference in the fullness of hair. Showers are also less worrisome with less hair coming out in bunches. I am so happy with this purchase!! Highly recommend

R. Lime

No more hair on bathroom floor

Received these a few weeks ago. Overheard my girlfriend talking about getting a biotin supplement, and surprised her with these. I've noticed a lot of hair on the bathroom floor after she's done brushing her hair. I definitely have to say this has become less of a problem since she started taking these supplements. I've tried them myself..tasty and tempting to eat more than the 2/day. The biotin is good quality...appears to strengthen hair. Hopefully it will put off the genetic balding my family is famous for, for another few years lol

Scott Perras

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Enhanced absorption with Vitamin C

This taste is definitely better than other iron gummies I've had. Kinda fruity! I noticed you didn't get that almost coppery taste which was a very nice change and it comes in a larger bottle of 100 gummies. I'll probably order these again, good value buy!